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A little about 56Hudson

The original name of the site - 56Hudson - is not a reference to a car or a location - it was a system generated alternative for an e-mail address that wasn't unavailalbe.  56Hudson evolved to become the proxy for an ethereal place I'm always searching for, but never seem to find - at least until 56Hudson was inevitably hacked and a new site, Glam Girl was temporarily created.

We're all driven by an inate and irrepressible need to create. It was evident in the drawing of the sun you crafted as a three year old because then, you had the certain knowledge that the sun always had a smiling face.  

I want to thank the Glam Girls who helped me in the journey to 56Hudson.  Please respect their work and dont copy or post photos to inappropriate sites.


 Iyou'd like to model or have an enquiry, please e-mail:


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